Watch more sunsets and sunrises to improve your health

Our lives can be so busy — rushing around from work to home, going from event to event, bringing our kids or our pets around to various activities. But our hectic schedules can cause us stress and be detrimental to our health like increasing the risk of heart attack.

The health benefits of meditation, controlled breathing, and time in nature are well-documented. Increased creativity and alertness, boosting the immune system, stress relief, and restored mental energy are just a few of the possible side effects of slowing down.

So when can we take a few minutes to slow down in our busy lives? Try watching the sunrise and sunset.

Of course, we enjoy the time outside and sit in awe for how the sun transforms the sky into a beautifully painted canvas twice a day. But soaking in a sunrise or sunset can also be that time to step back, slow down, de-stress, and share gratitude for life and the beauty of nature.

With two chances each day, why not resolve to see more sunrises and sunsets to cleanse your mind and reap the health benefits? And there’s never been a better time to start than now! Sunrises and sunsets have more spectacular colors in the winter months.

An added bonus: You don’t have to worry if you missed today’s sunset. There’s always another one tomorrow!

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