The facts about AB 3087

By now, you’ve probably heard that AB 3087 is a fast-moving proposal that could threaten resources for community health care and disrupt access for thousands of families across California.

But that’s not all. This legislation could have long-lasting ramifications for just about every single family in California — especially for the elderly and families with young children.

Here’s how AB 3087 could affect health care in your community:

  • Hospitals could close: AB 3087 will reduce funding for hospitals and other providers of care. That will result in hospital closures and reduced services for communities throughout California.
  • Doctors could leave the state: As hospitals across California close, and funding is cut, some doctors may be forced to seek employment in neighboring states.
  • It could curtail your access to new health care services: Investment in research and development could dry up, cutting access to the latest health care services and stymying innovation across the board.

We need to make sure that legislators have considered all of the ramifications of AB 3087 — and that they know we’re watching how they vote on this proposal.

Please consider sharing this information with your friends and family. You can help us spread this critical information before it’s too late.

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