Tips for Keeping Your Cool

Recent polls show that 80 percent of Americans feel frequently or sometimes stressed, and 20 percent said they experienced extreme stress. From childcare and daily chores to long commutes and bad managers, both work and home life can contribute.

But don’t worry: We have a few quick and easy tips to help you step back and chill out. Read on for your go-to guide for stopping stress from taking over your life:

Unplug after hours
We all have the email monkey on our backs, telling us to check our phones even on the weekends. But it’s important to power down your devices to give your brain a real chance to disconnect from work. If you put away your screens, even just for a couple of hours at night and each weekend, you’ll have less anxiety and be more productive when work rolls around.

Stretch it out
Whether you spend all day on your feet or on a laptop screen, a few simple stretches can help. Try this quick yoga pose: Stand up straight, drop your shoulders, and interlace your fingers behind your back. Lift your hands as high as you can and hold for 8-10 seconds. You’ll feel great and have better posture, too!

Skip the coffee
Feel jittery after a cup of joe? So do a lot of us — especially if we’re stressed already. Give that caffeine a break and have a cup of herbal tea or a seltzer instead.

Work on your relationships
A recent study revealed that one in three people work with someone who makes them want to quit their job. So, it’s a great idea to have your own “work family.” Having people you can rely on at work, either professionally or personally, can help you when times are tough. And spending time talking with them during the day is a proven way to relieve stress.

Go outside
Close your laptop and take a 15 minute walk. Right now. Seriously! Stress is an immediate reaction to things that are hard, so it can become a habitual response to any difficulty you experience at work. By taking a walk, you can break the chain and give yourself time to decompress. This will clear your head to help solve the problem at hand and reduce stress for the rest of the day.

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