Life in the NICU

After weeks in the NICU, Amari is making progress and learning to tackle essential everyday tasks on his own like eating and burping after a meal.

But, recently, NICU nurse Odeli Burgueno had to step in and help out mom Fiera when Amari couldn’t breathe — an issue known as apnea. Any intervention signals that Amari is not quite ready to leave the NICU. Witness this completely raw moment when NICU staff and parent work together to identify and assist Amari during his setback:

At this point, Amari has put on a remarkable amount of needed weight — growing from 2 pounds 2 ounces to over 5 pounds. In order to go home, Amari needs to gain strength and weight through consistent and full meals. Whatever he doesn’t take from a bottle is given to him via feeding tube — called “gavage.”

Hear more about how Amari feeds through the gavage process:

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