I resolve to eat healthier

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Good health is about more than just a number on the scale. It requires a commitment to eating well and taking care of yourself. With that in mind, get inspired with a few tips on how to eat more nutritious food this year!

Limit portion size — not entire food groups. Oftentimes we hear about diets that encourage dropping one food group or another. But black and white rules like those are too easy to break. Make it a goal to eat in moderation, instead of cutting food groups entirely.

Don’t just subtract — add. Reframe your thinking around having a healthy diet. This year, make goals to add nutrient-rich foods to your plate instead of focusing on the foods you need to remove. For example, seek out seafood to get your omega-3s in, and up your fiber intake by incorporating more whole grains. For more advice, take a look at the most recent Dietary Guidelines from the U.S. government.

Want to really stick with your resolution? Dr. Sheri Pruitt, a clinical psychologist at Kaiser Permanente, recommends using the SMART method to reach your goal throughout the year. Here’s how you can set a SMART goal for eating healthier:

SET achievable and measurable goals. Don’t expect to go from a fast food to a whole foods diet. Be realistic and give yourself goals that fit into your lifestyle. Try replacing your daily dessert habit with a piece of fresh fruit, or double your veggies from two servings a day to four.

MONITOR your progress. Keep a food journal — even on bad days — to help you understand what you are eating, and when you are falling short of eating healthier plates.

ARRANGE your life for success. Save yourself time and buy a food processor to help you chop up vegetables for your new healthy meals. Block out an hour on Sunday to pack your work meals for the week. Have your groceries delivered to ensure you always have fresh fruit on your table.

RECRUIT help. No one achieves their goals alone. Share the graphic below so friends and family can check in with you and help cheer you on.

TREAT yourself… in a healthy way. Take five minutes for a personal dance party when you go a week without sweets. Buy yourself a small gift when you eat eight servings of veggies daily for a month. Reward yourself for good behavior — and you’ll be more likely to keep going.






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