Hope in the wake of two hurricanes

When a natural disaster hits, there’s increased pressure on health care systems. Those pressures can cause simple problems, like running out of hospital materials, or more complex issues, like workers being unable to care for their own family and homes while they try and provide emergency care.

In response to both Hurricane Harvey and Irma, California health care professionals offered hope to their colleagues in Texas and Florida.

Shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit, the Texas Hospital Association (THA) created the Texas Hospital Employees Assistance Fund to help hospital staff impacted by the storm.

California hospitals banded together to contribute nearly $24,000 to the THA, and that doesn’t include the more than $7,000 given by individuals.

Across California, more than 120 healthcare professionals donated to support their colleagues in Texas. Some of them even raised support within their own institutions or departments, like at Providence St. Joseph Health and the USC Department of Surgery.

At Providence St. Joseph Health,  health professionals raised over $300,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief and Irma rescue missions. The workers also sent medical supplies and offered continued support to hospitals in the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Meanwhile, the USC Department of Surgery took a field trip to Help the Children — a nonprofit organization providing relief to kids and families in the U.S. and abroad. The staff packaged meals that were then sent to Hurricane Harvey victims.

Hospitals in California will continue doing their part, caring for their colleagues and those in their communities in moments of need. Health professionals and others across the country are also stepping up, learn more about how you can help.

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