Amari’s first days in the NICU

Fiera was excited but cautious when she found out about her second pregnancy. The birth of her daughter, Nia, at 26 weeks, lead to an in-depth experience with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). So when Amari, Fiera’s second child, was born at 30 weeks, the family started their second NICU journey at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

See how preemie Amari started his life in the NICU — and how his parents, Fiera and Harvey, handled the journey:

Amari was born weighing in at 2 pounds, 2 ounces. Fiera and Harvey were somewhat ready — and the family had already developed deep bonds and established trust with caregivers.

Odeli Burgueno, a NICU RN who was there during daughter Nia’s NICU stay, formed a special relationship with Fiera and Harvey. She remained in contact with the family after Nia left the NICU, and was worried when she heard that Fiera was expecting again.

“It was pretty scary to know that she had such a high-risk pregnancy the first time and we had no idea what would come about,” said Odeli.

So Odeli stayed in contact. When she heard Fiera was admitted to Loma Linda and put on bed rest pending Amari’s early arrival, Odeli visited her often — and tried to be on duty when Amari was admitted to the NICU.

“I got to at least go back to the transitional nursery and see [Amari] right as soon he came out,” said Odeli. “He was a little thing but so strong — and that made such a difference.”

We’ll update the next chapter in Amari’s life soon. Check out the first chapter here.

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